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Oh, sure.  The snow is pretty.  But it’s cold.  And wet.  And I am looking forward to the warmer, sunnier days of spring– not to mention all those pretty, colorful blooms!

Listening to the winter wind howl, I’m patiently waiting for the earliest blooming flowers to “spring” to life again.  Here, the daffodils, forsythia, and pink magnolias are among the first flowers to poke out their petals.  It’s just another month or two, I tell myself…  Meanwhile, I have photos to hold me over.  I hope you like them, too.

These beautiful images and more are available, and can be printed to order on a wide variety of useful products at — You can even customize them!

Some readers have noticed it has been quite some time since my last post, and since the website was last updated.  While I’d like to say I was away on some exotic photo shoot or relaxing at an art retreat, the truth is I have been struggling with a severe bout of depression.

When my grandfather passed away a little over 2 years ago, I was able to repress the grief for some time, but then finally the realization came– he is gone.

As a small child, I sat on his lap during church services, drawing on the church bulletin.  He is one of the biggest reasons I eventually chose to study and create art, because those early memories are among the best I have.  Since his passing, most attempts to paint or draw have only reminded me of how much I miss him.  I was on the brink of throwing in the towel, tossing out the art supplies, burning whatever paintings remain, and closing the website, not because I do not want to continue this line of work, but simply because at times it just felt like too much to take on in the midst of depression.

However, my supporters, friends, and clients have been determined to drag me out of my mental muck, and for that I am thankful.  From the friend who reminded me that the portrait of his dog still means so much to him even after more than a decade, to the stranger who ordered some of my ornaments on Zazzle knowing her loved ones will have and cherish them even after she is gone (hopefully many, many years from now), to the customers who ordered lucky clovers to give a boost to their own friends– all of you have helped me to realize… it is not really about me.  It is about leaving the world in better condition than it was in when I arrived, and how my work makes others think and feel.  In other words…  It is about all of you!

So for now, I am putting away my self-pity to make room for more new art & photography, more new additions to the Zazzle store, more auction listings, more 4 leaf clovers, and eventually more “Nonprofit of the Month” posts.  And, the main website should be updated soon, so be sure to check out for the latest art & photography releases and lucky clovers, and for links to order prints of my work from Zazzle.

And, because all of you allow and encourage me to keep doing what I do, you have my eternal gratitude.

Thank You.

The tag and description updates throughout the soulbearing zazzle store still aren’t quite finished, but are close enough that I decided it was time to add more new goodies for my zazzle shoppers and promoters.

So, I brewed a pot of coffee and got to work on it, and there are now nearly 2000 new products, using some of the most popular and favorite images and designs. With hundreds of images available on dozens of products, there are now almost 6000 products in the soulbearing shop, just in time for the holidays!!

I added all sorts of goodies, from necklace pendants to kitchen towels, plates, and coasters to electronics cases and skins. Even clocks, ornaments, playing cards, and more!!

As an added bonus, I have reduced my own royalty rates (that’s the small percentage I get from each sale)  through 11/20, in order to offer shoppers lower prices before the holidays– but this reduction is temporary. (We artists have to eat too, ya know!)

And while you’re browsing, visit to see the original art listings, and check out the current eBay auctions too!!

Happy shopping!!

authentic four leaf clover necklace pendant

authentic four leaf clover necklace pendant

For the past couple of months, prices in the soulbearing zazzle shop have been reduced as a way of saying thank you to visitors and patrons. Order prints of fine art paintings, illustrations, and photography on posters, totes, tshirts, postcards, and more.

The reduced prices will be in effect until 7/20, so now is a great time to get the soulbearing merchandise on your wishlist!!

coming soon: new paintings!!

Some may have noticed that I am not so active on Twitter lately, and most of the recent posts under the @soulbearing id are the links to new blog posts.

This is because the “new improved” Twitter gives my poor old computer fits; it will work for a very short moment, then everything freezes. I haven’t been able to so much as look at my list of followers in several weeks. Hopefully, this will eventually be resolved, but it will probably be a while.

For now, it is set up to automatically post the links to new blog entries.

So, if you’re following, or you tweeted, and didn’t get a response, please accept my humble apologies.

Thanks for being patient, and thanks for following. 🙂

If you have, I’d love to hear from you!!

When I first started posting images and merchandise on, I was skeptical.  However, I’ve ordered several things myself, and the quality and service were great.  (Plus, my images are fabulous!!)  And, I continue to receive royalties from sales on, so I am guessing patrons are pleased with the merchandise.

My main regret with the zazzle site is that I do not often get the opportunity to receive direct feedback from patrons.  And, since I don’t get to see each finished product, feedback is important.

So, I am asking, have you purchased one of the items printed with my art and photography on  What did you order?  How was the quality?  

I know you’re out there!!  I would bribe you, but that might create bias.  So, all I can offer in exchange is gratitude for your input, and the promise to consider it in future endeavors.

Visitors may have noticed that some sections of the soulbearing zazzle store have been reorganized.  The biggest change is the section titled “Symmetrical Designs“, in the “Abstract Art” category.  Items are now organized by color group, rather than title. 

Many descriptions and tags have also been updated throughout the store, in order to make shopping easier. 

Some sections are still works in progress, but those will be updated soon too.

There are over 3,000 products bearing prints of my art and photography, and dozens of new items have been added over the past few weeks, so have a look!!

I know; I’m a little late for New Year’s. One friend teased that I am so late, I even missed the Chinese New Year. I hope my readers are having a fab 2012.

I have been preparing the studio and websites (and myself) for another busy year. Some projects have had to wait, but now I am getting back to actual art, after catching up on the mundane business side of things.

For the sake of reclaiming studio space, I will be auctioning some of my art cache over the next month or 2. Like many artists, I have a stash of artwork I finished but haven’t wanted to let go. However, with space being an issue now, and with no room to properly hang and display so many paintings and illustrations, it is time to find good homes for some of the earlier works– some at prices much lower than I normally offer.

Why do I need more space? I’m glad you asked. The current plan is to do a series of larger paintings. Of course, I don’t work for free, because starving as an artist is overrated. So, get your credit cards ready to help support your beloved painter. 🙂

For now, there are some of the framed four leaf clovers posted on eBay, in plenty of time for St. Patrick’s Day.

Framed 4 Leaf Clovers

Framed Four Leaf Clovers on eBay

A portion of proceeds is donated to local nonprofit groups. Currently, 10% of my eBay auctions is being donated to Chesapeake Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad; the rest of the proceeds buys supplies and supports the artist, so bid high!

For those readers more interested in the art and photography prints, there have been hundreds of new items added to the soulbearing store on There are even gallery-wrapped prints on canvas being offered at very reasonable prices, so have a look at soulbearing on zazzle

And, be sure to check for new art postings in the coming weeks and months.

Thanks for reading, and may good fortune always find you. 🙂

Coming soon: an update on what’s coming soon.

When I started my first blog several years ago, it was mostly a way to post news and updates for clients.  I was surprised to find people actually reading it and even posting responses.  However, when that particular blog site closed, I didn’t start a new blog right away.  After all, I’m a painter, not a writer.  Plus, I was busy with other things– and I might be a hermit.

So when someone suggested using social networking sites to help patrons find my artwork, I thought, ‘Social?!’.  I am typically very private and often go out of my way to be left alone, so the idea of creating more ways for people to find me wasn’t very appealing at first.  There are already so many things in daily life that require sacrificing privacy, and it is rare enough to be alone with one’s own thoughts. It isn’t a dislike of people; it is an appreciation for silence, solitude, and privacy.

Originally, I blamed my aversion to social networking and technology in general on the Mennonite upbringing.  Then I found many Mennonites on Facebook, including a number of Mennonite grannies with hundreds of contacts.  It totally blew that excuse out of the water.

Then a friend persuaded me to try Twitter, mostly to post news and updates for clients and potential clients.  When I registered, the first search I did was for “art”.  The first name to come up and one of the first people I “followed” was Yoko Ono.  I was tickled when later she not only followed me back, but also sent a message.  I think it’s great that she actually does this for most of her followers on Twitter.

But, as many of my followers have probably noticed, I’m not nearly as good at this social networking thing.  Although I usually add followers to one or more of my lists, I don’t always follow back and I’m not sure I’ve ever sent a “direct message” to anyone.  I don’t always read direct messages on Twitter either; they’re usually advertisements. 

However, I do frequently look at the posts of followers, even replying and retweeting sometimes.  I also look at and reply to most tweets addressed to @soulbearing.  It’s a start, at least.

Maybe one day, I will master the art of social networking.  Meanwhile, I’m glad to have understanding followers who find my tweets and blogs meaningful and/or useful enough to overlook this fault.  And, if you’d like to contact me directly or view my artwork, visit

Now that the new site is up and running at, the soulbearing store on eBay will be closing.  Don’t worry, there will still be chances to bid on items for auction on occassion (look for the id “slynnette”), and auctions will be announced here.  But, the new store/gallery will handle most of the art sales.  This will allow me to better focus on providing quality art and service, without having my attention divided by having to maintain multiple stores.

There isn’t a set date for closure of the eBay store, but the move should be completed within the next couple of days.  So, if you’d like to purchase something there, visit

If you are on one of my email lists via eBay, the email service will be discontinued after the eBay store closes.  The good news is that you can now subscribe to email updates via this blog, and you will receive an update when there is a new post here.  Just click the “subscribe” link at the top of the page.

Many thanks all the wonderful buyers and sellers who provided support and encouragement, and I hope you all visit and support the new site!

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