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Some readers have noticed it has been quite some time since my last post, and since the website was last updated.  While I’d like to say I was away on some exotic photo shoot or relaxing at an art retreat, the truth is I have been struggling with a severe bout of depression.

When my grandfather passed away a little over 2 years ago, I was able to repress the grief for some time, but then finally the realization came– he is gone.

As a small child, I sat on his lap during church services, drawing on the church bulletin.  He is one of the biggest reasons I eventually chose to study and create art, because those early memories are among the best I have.  Since his passing, most attempts to paint or draw have only reminded me of how much I miss him.  I was on the brink of throwing in the towel, tossing out the art supplies, burning whatever paintings remain, and closing the website, not because I do not want to continue this line of work, but simply because at times it just felt like too much to take on in the midst of depression.

However, my supporters, friends, and clients have been determined to drag me out of my mental muck, and for that I am thankful.  From the friend who reminded me that the portrait of his dog still means so much to him even after more than a decade, to the stranger who ordered some of my ornaments on Zazzle knowing her loved ones will have and cherish them even after she is gone (hopefully many, many years from now), to the customers who ordered lucky clovers to give a boost to their own friends– all of you have helped me to realize… it is not really about me.  It is about leaving the world in better condition than it was in when I arrived, and how my work makes others think and feel.  In other words…  It is about all of you!

So for now, I am putting away my self-pity to make room for more new art & photography, more new additions to the Zazzle store, more auction listings, more 4 leaf clovers, and eventually more “Nonprofit of the Month” posts.  And, the main website should be updated soon, so be sure to check out for the latest art & photography releases and lucky clovers, and for links to order prints of my work from Zazzle.

And, because all of you allow and encourage me to keep doing what I do, you have my eternal gratitude.

Thank You.

Two new abstract art paintings have been posted at!!

Unraveling the Unknown is a hypnotic composition of spirals and swirls in reds, yellows, oranges, and blues, ready to hang in your home or office to mesmerize guests and visitors.

The Life of a Spark is a high contrast, action-packed mix of vibrant yellows and blues, with a splash of orange– perfect for lovers of anything intense and unusual.

Both paintings are great for anyone looking to add a unique pop of colour to home or business.

Fans of vibrant colour, motion, and expressionism will love these.  And, no additional charge for shipping!!

unraveling the unknown, abstract art painting

unraveling the unknown, abstract art painting

the life of a spark, abstract art painting

the life of a spark, abstract art painting

It’s still a “work in progress”, and is by no means an extensive collection, but it does give visitors and patrons a peek at earlier paintings and drawings which are no longer available for purchase– and it includes a link to current art listings, so patrons don’t miss out on the most recent paintings and drawings.

Here’s one of my faves of the sold paintings:

fire fighters, abstract art painting by s.lynnette

fire fighters, abstract art painting by s.lynnette

(And, the paintings on canvas page has been updated, with the most recent painting added!!)

My dear readers, your intrepid artist has had the flu and spent a large portion of the past 3 weeks whimpering and shivering under a pile of blankets, sucking down copious amounts of orange juice and cough syrup. Seriously, this season’s flu is brutal. Don’t catch it. It took weeks to recover, and any orders placed through and eBay were being handled and shipped by a courageous temporary helper, in order to avoid passing along any germs to my beloved patrons.  But now I’m good as new and the studio has been thoroughly disinfected… and I’ve been busy.

There have been THOUSANDS of new items added to the soulbearing zazzle store; the total number of image/product combinations is now nearing 8,000. And, there is something for virtually everyone, whether you’re a fan of abstract expressionism, symmetrical designs, rural and nature photography, or floral photography.  Find fabulous original designs on household items, skins and cases for electronics, tshirts, accessories, cards and postage, office products, and art prints & posters.

Looking for the real four leaf clovers? Those are still available too!! Thanks to the mild winters here, they grow almost year round, and you can find them in frames at or in pendants via the eBay auctions.

Real 4 Leaf Clover Necklace Pendant

Real 4 Leaf Clover Necklace Pendant

Also, there are more new paintings on the way, in plenty of time to give your home or office an art makeover for the New Year!! Posters and prints are great, but there is nothing quite like an original painting’s colour and texture.

Life is Never Still, Blue Abstract Art Painting on Canvas

Life is Never Still, Blue Abstract Art Painting on Canvas

And you can find links to it all at, which conveniently accepts PayPal. So, show your love, get great merchandise and art, and feed an artist this holiday season.

Happy shopping!!  🙂

The new layout for the “art for sale” section of is under construction. Here’s a look at the new listings and new layout.

Each painting will now have its own page, with slideshow, detail photos, and description, along with the “add to cart” button to make browsing and purchasing easy.


patchwork quilt original art painting by S.Lynnette

patchwork quilt original art painting by S.Lynnette


With the holidays coming, I decided now would be another good time to reduce my commission rate, and temporarily offer lower prices in the soulbearing store on as a way of saying “Thank you!!” to all the fabulous shoppers and promoters who help make it possible.

So, from October 20th through November 20th, shoppers can save 5-10% on all the made-to-order, custom printed photography and art products offered in the soulbearing zazzle store— plus all the great deals and discounts offered directly from  Order fabulous images on all kinds of fabulous merchandise, from apparel to electronics to pendants, and even throw pillows.

Happy shopping!!

For the past couple of months, prices in the soulbearing zazzle shop have been reduced as a way of saying thank you to visitors and patrons. Order prints of fine art paintings, illustrations, and photography on posters, totes, tshirts, postcards, and more.

The reduced prices will be in effect until 7/20, so now is a great time to get the soulbearing merchandise on your wishlist!!

coming soon: new paintings!!

Recently, some changes were made to shipping fees on the 4 leaf clover merchandise offered at

Real 4 Leaf Clover Key Chain

Real 4 Leaf Clover Key Chain, $15

It took some time to update the shipping calculator and web pages, but they should be working properly again. (Yay!!) 

The new shipping rates are as follows:

Domestic Economy Shipping: $5.50 (1-2 weeks)
Domestic Priority Shipping: $8.95 (2-3 days)
Priority Shipping to Canada or Mexico: $15 (7-10 days)
Priority Shipping Worldwide: $20 (1-2 weeks)

These are flat rates, so order as many items as you like for the same postage price.  Transit time does not include handling time.

And, for original art purchases, the shipping fee is waived!!  (Delivery time for paintings is about 2 weeks for domestic orders, and just a little longer for international orders.)

Ocean View, Original Acrylic Fine Art Painting by S.Lynnette

Ocean View, Original Acrylic Fine Art Abstract Painting by S.Lynnette, $1675

The four leaf clover pendants have become popular gift items at, and such fabulous necklaces deserve  fabulous boxes. Smashing, aren’t they?

Some pendants are available on eBay, too!!

coming soon: new art!!

The goal is to give customers the best service at the best price.  International shipping has long been a challenge, because to get a lower rate, customers would have to settle for slower delivery– and nobody really wants to settle (myself included).

So, I’m very happy to say there is now a way to save a few dollars on international shipping while still delivering with the same speed, and the savings are being passed along to customers.

Originally, charged a flat rate of $25 to internationally ship any of the 4-leaf clover gifts offered on the site.  Now, thanks to a new shipping option, there are new lower rates.

To ship any clover items to Canada or Mexico, the new shipping rate is $15, and to ship to any other international destination, the new shipping rate is $20.  These are flat rates, meaning customers can order one item or a dozen items, and the shipping fee remains the same. 

And, most of the original paintings and illustrations offered on the site still ship globally for no additional fee beyond the original purchase price.

The shipping calculators on have not yet been updated, and it may be a few days before the changes are made on the website.  But, the new shipping fees are already in effect, and customers who are overcharged by the current shipping calculator on will be refunded the difference when the order is shipped.

coming soon: new pendants and gift boxes!!

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