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The tag and description updates throughout the soulbearing zazzle store still aren’t quite finished, but are close enough that I decided it was time to add more new goodies for my zazzle shoppers and promoters.

So, I brewed a pot of coffee and got to work on it, and there are now nearly 2000 new products, using some of the most popular and favorite images and designs. With hundreds of images available on dozens of products, there are now almost 6000 products in the soulbearing shop, just in time for the holidays!!

I added all sorts of goodies, from necklace pendants to kitchen towels, plates, and coasters to electronics cases and skins. Even clocks, ornaments, playing cards, and more!!

As an added bonus, I have reduced my own royalty rates (that’s the small percentage I get from each sale)  through 11/20, in order to offer shoppers lower prices before the holidays– but this reduction is temporary. (We artists have to eat too, ya know!)

And while you’re browsing, visit to see the original art listings, and check out the current eBay auctions too!!

Happy shopping!!

authentic four leaf clover necklace pendant

authentic four leaf clover necklace pendant

When I originally added art and photos to a shop on, it was mostly for my existing art patrons to order prints of familiar images. So, descriptions and titles were often vague or even absent, since it never occurred to me that better titles and descriptions would be better for search engines (and better for new patrons). Somehow, in spite of not being easily searchable, new customers still found the designs… and loved the artwork and photography.  They were also quick to make suggestions for store modifications.

The most frequent (and virtually only) suggestion has been to improve titles and descriptions.  It has taken some time, but I have finally started tackling the task of updating titles, descriptions, and tags in the zazzle store.  So, customers should begin to notice that it is much easier to find specific types of images in a store search and via search engines.

And, when that is finished, there will be a ton of new art and photos to add.  Meanwhile, stop by the soulbearing zazzle store to check out images you might have missed.

If you prefer original art, have a look at— that site is being updated soon too.  And, there are several new art paintings on the way.  They should be posted within the next several days.

original abstract art painting

original abstract art painting, $1475

While you’re shopping (one last shameless plug), have a look at this week’s eBay auctions.  A portion of this month’s proceeds goes to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

framed 4 & 5 leaf clovers

framed 4 & 5 leaf clovers, $20

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