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It was pointed out to me that some might misinterpret some of my tangents as my having an unfavorable view of those in the upper income brackets.  This interpretation is totally incorrect.  While the wealthy can probably afford to hire their own advocates should they ever need them, I feel I should clear up any misconceptions regarding my own personal views (especially since some of my dear friends and favorite people fall into this category).

If every wealthy individual on the planet gave up all worldly possessions, it would not eliminate poverty, nor would it make the world more fair.  It needs to be pointed out, also, that many (perhaps even most) of those with incomes of 7 digits and higher actually use their influence to do very positive things.  Many of our charities and nonprofit organizations would not exist without these folks, not to mention the jobs they create.

What I do find bothersome are things like exploitation, corruption, greed, and abuse of power.  These issues are certainly not exclusive to the wealthy; they just happen to have more and bigger opportunities to fall into these traps.  Luckily, most resist the temptation, and some even fight on behalf of the rest of us.

Many thanks to those who do.

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