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Update: I know, I know.. It’s been more than a “couple” of days!  Many humble apologies for keeping you waiting!  The following auction listings will be posted tomorrow!  (That’s November 11.)  Thank you for your patience. ❤


In the next couple of days, I will be posting some drawings on eBay.  Normally, if someone doesn’t claim them before the sealant is dry, I post paintings and drawings for sale on the main website.  But, since I originally started off selling some on eBay years ago, I thought it’d be a nice bit of nostalgia to list them that way again.   And, it’s a way of saying “thank you” to my supporters.   The starting bids will be affordable, and I have not done a lot of publicizing, so there’s a chance to get some deals!

Each drawing is in ebony pencil, on 9×12 sketch paper with smudge resistant clear coat.

Here’s a preview of some of the listings– the “S.Lynnette” watermarks are not part of the drawings.  🙂

Dairy Barn Pencil Drawing

Illustration of a southeastern Virginia dairy barn by S.Lynnette.

Virginia Barn Pencil Drawing

Illustration of a southeastern Virginia barn by S.Lynnette.

Lighthouse Pencil Drawing

Ebony pencil drawing on 9x12in. acid-free sketch paper. Lighthouse, by S.Lynnette


When I first started offering original paintings and drawings online, I started by listing them on eBay with very affordable starting bids.  As the quality of and demand for an artist’s work increases, the price usually increases, too.  Often, the result is that the original works become unattainable for many.  This is one of the reasons I offer prints of some of my work in a store on Zazzle.

But, I’ve decided to go a step further.

The plan for the next couple of days is to finish several drawings, which will then be auctioned on eBay with very reasonable starting bids.

I’ll post the link in a new entry on this blog when the listings are open for bids.  It should be just a few days.

Proceeds will go toward keeping the website running, and toward paying off my student loans. 🙂

Many humble thanks to all my clients and customers– past, present, and future!




It’s still a “work in progress”, and is by no means an extensive collection, but it does give visitors and patrons a peek at earlier paintings and drawings which are no longer available for purchase– and it includes a link to current art listings, so patrons don’t miss out on the most recent paintings and drawings.

Here’s one of my faves of the sold paintings:

fire fighters, abstract art painting by s.lynnette

fire fighters, abstract art painting by s.lynnette

(And, the paintings on canvas page has been updated, with the most recent painting added!!)

As a way of saying “Thank You” to my zazzle shoppers and promoters, I reduced prices in the Soulbearing zazzle shop, and these reduced prices were expiring on November 20th.

But, the response has been great and it just doesn’t feel right ending a “Thank You” sale only 2 days before Thanksgiving. So, the reduced prices will continue for another month. That’s right!! The lower prices will last through December 20th!!

“But doesn’t that mean ending a sale right before Christmas??” Well, yes.. So, make sure you order your favorite things before then, because I haven’t yet decided if I will extend the sale through January or not, but I am leaning toward “not”, because I think most of my holiday shoppers will be finished placing orders online by then… so there.

“What if I don’t celebrate Christmas??”… Don’t worry, you get lower prices until December 20th, too!!

Need a gift and don’t know what to give? I’ve added thousands of new items this month– there are now over 8,500 products in the Soulbearing shop, printed with fabulous photos and art images!!  Here’s a peek at just a few of the latest images/products:

All of the original paintings and drawings shown above have been sold, but you can still have them printed on all sorts of goodies.  And, as always, you can find more original art paintings and real 4 leaf clovers in frames at

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