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I’ve added a few pencil drawings to eBay.. I know! Finally, right?!

I apologize for the wait, but I think bidders will be pleased that the starting bid is under $25 for each of 5 original pencil sketches, and the “Buy It Now” price is just $75 each.


10% of proceeds will be donated to Annabelle’s Second Chance Pit Bull Rescue.

You can view the new listings here.


Virginia Barn Pencil Drawing

Illustration of a southeastern Virginia barn by S.Lynnette.

Have a peek at the new look in the Soulbearing zazzle shop!!

It’s received a makeover to coordinate with and this blog.  While offers fab original fine art and abstract paintings and real 4 leaf clover gifts, the zazzle shop offers hundreds of photos and images artfully printed on dozens of products, from phone cases and necklaces, to posters and canvas prints, for a total of almost 9,000 image/product combinations.  Happy shopping!!  🙂

It’s still a “work in progress”, and is by no means an extensive collection, but it does give visitors and patrons a peek at earlier paintings and drawings which are no longer available for purchase– and it includes a link to current art listings, so patrons don’t miss out on the most recent paintings and drawings.

Here’s one of my faves of the sold paintings:

fire fighters, abstract art painting by s.lynnette

fire fighters, abstract art painting by s.lynnette

(And, the paintings on canvas page has been updated, with the most recent painting added!!)

My dear readers, your intrepid artist has had the flu and spent a large portion of the past 3 weeks whimpering and shivering under a pile of blankets, sucking down copious amounts of orange juice and cough syrup. Seriously, this season’s flu is brutal. Don’t catch it. It took weeks to recover, and any orders placed through and eBay were being handled and shipped by a courageous temporary helper, in order to avoid passing along any germs to my beloved patrons.  But now I’m good as new and the studio has been thoroughly disinfected… and I’ve been busy.

There have been THOUSANDS of new items added to the soulbearing zazzle store; the total number of image/product combinations is now nearing 8,000. And, there is something for virtually everyone, whether you’re a fan of abstract expressionism, symmetrical designs, rural and nature photography, or floral photography.  Find fabulous original designs on household items, skins and cases for electronics, tshirts, accessories, cards and postage, office products, and art prints & posters.

Looking for the real four leaf clovers? Those are still available too!! Thanks to the mild winters here, they grow almost year round, and you can find them in frames at or in pendants via the eBay auctions.

Real 4 Leaf Clover Necklace Pendant

Real 4 Leaf Clover Necklace Pendant

Also, there are more new paintings on the way, in plenty of time to give your home or office an art makeover for the New Year!! Posters and prints are great, but there is nothing quite like an original painting’s colour and texture.

Life is Never Still, Blue Abstract Art Painting on Canvas

Life is Never Still, Blue Abstract Art Painting on Canvas

And you can find links to it all at, which conveniently accepts PayPal. So, show your love, get great merchandise and art, and feed an artist this holiday season.

Happy shopping!!  🙂

For the past couple of months, prices in the soulbearing zazzle shop have been reduced as a way of saying thank you to visitors and patrons. Order prints of fine art paintings, illustrations, and photography on posters, totes, tshirts, postcards, and more.

The reduced prices will be in effect until 7/20, so now is a great time to get the soulbearing merchandise on your wishlist!!

coming soon: new paintings!!

There are few professions in which one must justify a career so much as in the art field.  Perhaps it is because many people do not realize the role art plays in everyone’s day-to-day life.  Every gadget, gizmo, and thingamajig that was mass-produced began with sketches, diagrams, and technical drawings.  While most of it is done on computers now, it is still design and design is art.

Technical design with obviously practical applications is easier to justify than that thing called “fine art”, though.  Fine art doesn’t really serve a function, does it?

Art is a form of communication and expression, and it is often what remains of a society when archaeologists are sifting through the remains.  I sometimes wonder what will remain of our art in several hundred years, and what future societies will think of us, based on what our art says.

But what about art that doesn’t seem to say anything except, “Look, I painted fruit.”?  I could go on about how we know what the ancient Egyptians ate because it was painted all over the walls of their tombs, but instead consider the impact of environment on the individual.  One of the reasons interior design tv shows are so popular is because aesthetics matter.  The old proverb that “what fills the eyes, fills the heart” is true.  

In fact, art has such an impact on individuals and on groups, that it has often been very successfully used (or misused) as propaganda.

Because the world seems to demand a label for an artist’s style, and because what/how I paint is often so heavily influenced by the moment, I tend to call myself an “abstract expressionist”, even though not all of my work is so abstract.  Abstract art with no obvious reason or message is perhaps one of the hardest forms of art to justify (I say all art is abstract, but that is an entry for another day).  Fortunately, I stumbled across a quote:

“Abstract Expressionists value expression over perfection, vitality over finish, fluctuation over repose, the unknown over the known, the veiled over the clear, the individual over society and the inner over the outer.” –William C. Seitz

I originally began exploring these ideas as a painter; then I also began exploring the same ideas in some of my still life, floral, and nature photography.

Now I suspect God might be an abstract expressionist.

coming soon: more art stuff

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