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Here’s another of the new pendant styles currently being offered. They’re fabulous settings for the genuine 4 leaf clovers. For more real four leaf clover good luck charms, visit my eBay auctions or

vintage style real 4 leaf clover necklace pendant

vintage style real 4 leaf clover necklace pendant


These fabulous 4 leaf clover good luck charms might be just the thing. Real four leaf clovers are framed, or set in necklace pendants, and they’re perfect for wishing someone good luck in the new year.

framed four leaf clovers

framed four leaf clovers

Will they stay green until the holidays? Yes!! Just store them in a cool dark dry place, away from UV light and excess heat, and they will stay green for many months– even years!!  The one I keep on my desk is one of the first I found almost ten years ago and it is still bright green, even after all these years!!

These lucky clovers grow wild and are not treated with any dyes or chemicals, so they are as close to fresh and natural as you can get, without combing through acres of clovers yourself.

And with next year being a dreaded 13, who couldn’t use a little extra luck?

Get yours now at or on eBay!!

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