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Oh, sure.  The snow is pretty.  But it’s cold.  And wet.  And I am looking forward to the warmer, sunnier days of spring– not to mention all those pretty, colorful blooms!

Listening to the winter wind howl, I’m patiently waiting for the earliest blooming flowers to “spring” to life again.  Here, the daffodils, forsythia, and pink magnolias are among the first flowers to poke out their petals.  It’s just another month or two, I tell myself…  Meanwhile, I have photos to hold me over.  I hope you like them, too.

These beautiful images and more are available, and can be printed to order on a wide variety of useful products at — You can even customize them!

My floral photography and art images have been very popular.  Because of the abstract quality of the lines, textures, and colours of flowers, they are among my favorite things to photograph– and hundreds of new products printed with my flower photos and paintings have been added to the Soulbearing zazzle shop. Here are just a few of my faves.   As difficult as it was, I managed to narrow my original choices (my original selection was “all of them”)  down to… a bunch:

As promised, the latest floral painting has been posted for sale via   At this price, it’s a steal!!  (Also, this reflects the new format on, in which each painting will have its own page with detail photos!!)

Pink Rose Floral Painting by S.Lynnette

Pink Rose Floral Painting by S.Lynnette

Usually when flowers are my subject, photography is the medium of choice– but the response to my floral photography has been so positive that I decided it was time to do another floral painting. Here’s a sneak peek at one of the new signed original fine art paintings, not yet listed for sale on

Pink Rose Floral Painting by S.Lynnette

Pink Rose Floral Painting by S.Lynnette

…a pink rose bud, larger than life in acrylic paint with gloss finish on 24×30 inch stretched cotton canvas, gallery-wrapped on solid hardwood frame, one-of-a-kind and ready to hang in the home of a flower lover or art fan.  (The “S.Lynnette” watermarks are not part of the painting.)

It should be posted for sale in just a couple of days, so get your credit cards ready!! 🙂

The new paintings and latest site updates are taking a few days longer than planned… Meanwhile, four fabulous new floral photography calendars are ready for 2013!!  Roses, lilies, daffodils, and more grace the glossy pages of these 12-month treasures:

One with yellow flowers…

one with pink flowers…

one with roses…

and one with an assortment, perfect for any flower lover.

I may not be whole-heartedly a minimalist in lifestyle, but my special fondness of minimalism often shows in my art and photography.  In an increasingly complex world, sometimes it is preferable to get away from the distractions.  Minimalism is the avoidance or elimination of peripheral “noise”, to create a refined work that is lacking not in details, but in distractions.  The result is a moment distilled to its essence.

I find it difficult to paint in the art studio this time of year, with so many flowers in bloom.  So, while I was stopping to smell the roses (and irises, and lilies, and…), I also snapped some photos.

Some of the best floral photos are already available on all sorts of great merchandise in the soulbearing store on, and there is always more new work on the way.

To show appreciation for my customers, the reduced prices in the zazzle store will continue until June 20.  Happy shopping!! 🙂

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