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I awoke early one winter morning just before sunrise to find it had snowed.  So, I grabbed my camera, bundled up, and rushed out to find a good spot to wait for sunrise. I’m definitely not a morning person, but this was worth being out unusually early… in the dark and freezing cold… shivering… and did I mention how early it was??

But the pink sunrise reflecting on the snow was so amazing, I soon forgot the cold, and hurried to take photos before the moment was lost. Now some of those photos are available in the zazzle shop, printed on wrapped canvas.

And, these photos are available printed on all sorts of other goodies, so have a look.  And, while you’re browsing, check out the original art paintings for sale at
Happy shopping!!

When I found this product on along with the snowflake shape, I thought to myself… Some of my symmetrical designs would look very cool on those.

And I was right, they do look very cool, in fabulous chilly colours and icy lines.  Another fab bonus is that you can turn any of them sideways to see a different pattern, so it’s like having 2 designs in one.

The original art design is made from a relief print of pine needles, which was then digitally made into a symmetrical “kaleidoscope” design. And, did I mention it looks very cool on the snowflakes?  Reusable, too, up to 100 times, so you can enjoy them year after year!!

They also look fab with this symmetrical design, made from an original photo of snow-covered tree branches.

While you’re browsing, have a look at the original art paintings currently for sale, and the art and photography printed gifts!

Winters here are usually too mild for snow; typically, winter is just cold and wet. But, it does snow sometimes, and since these are rare opportunities, I’m quick to grab a camera and snap photos of the snow-covered landscapes.  I am not a fan of “cold and wet”, but there is something magical about snow.

Here are a few of my fave winter snow photos from the past few years.  These images and more are available on all sorts of merchandise in the Soulbearing zazzle shop, or for original art and real 4 leaf clovers, visit

The tag and description updates throughout the soulbearing zazzle store still aren’t quite finished, but are close enough that I decided it was time to add more new goodies for my zazzle shoppers and promoters.

So, I brewed a pot of coffee and got to work on it, and there are now nearly 2000 new products, using some of the most popular and favorite images and designs. With hundreds of images available on dozens of products, there are now almost 6000 products in the soulbearing shop, just in time for the holidays!!

I added all sorts of goodies, from necklace pendants to kitchen towels, plates, and coasters to electronics cases and skins. Even clocks, ornaments, playing cards, and more!!

As an added bonus, I have reduced my own royalty rates (that’s the small percentage I get from each sale)  through 11/20, in order to offer shoppers lower prices before the holidays– but this reduction is temporary. (We artists have to eat too, ya know!)

And while you’re browsing, visit to see the original art listings, and check out the current eBay auctions too!!

Happy shopping!!

authentic four leaf clover necklace pendant

authentic four leaf clover necklace pendant

These fabulous 4 leaf clover good luck charms might be just the thing. Real four leaf clovers are framed, or set in necklace pendants, and they’re perfect for wishing someone good luck in the new year.

framed four leaf clovers

framed four leaf clovers

Will they stay green until the holidays? Yes!! Just store them in a cool dark dry place, away from UV light and excess heat, and they will stay green for many months– even years!!  The one I keep on my desk is one of the first I found almost ten years ago and it is still bright green, even after all these years!!

These lucky clovers grow wild and are not treated with any dyes or chemicals, so they are as close to fresh and natural as you can get, without combing through acres of clovers yourself.

And with next year being a dreaded 13, who couldn’t use a little extra luck?

Get yours now at or on eBay!!

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