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As much as we hated to do it, nobody adopted the little stray kitten over the weekend and, since we don’t currently have adequate resources to care for her, we had to turn her over to animal control yesterday.

stray kitten

“I don’t know if I approve of the dog.”

I’m pretty bummed out over it.  But, we were assured they will give her the best chance they can, and they have better access to veterinary care. I will post the link here a little later, just in case someone would like to adopt her from the animal shelter, assuming she’s healthy enough to be adopted. (If you want to look it up yourself, it’s Chesapeake Animal Control.)

Many thanks to everyone who shared the blog post, and to everyone who has tried to help find her a home.


I briefly considered naming it “Spike” and raising it as a dog, but I really can’t keep this stray kitten we found. I know “cat people” are a passionate and caring bunch, so please share this link and help find it a home!!

adopt a kitten

Adopt me!!

It’s cute, it’s small, it’s affectionate.. and it’s free to a good home.  For more info, please see yesterday’s blog post.

If you’re in the Hampton Roads area and would like to adopt this kitten, you can send an email to

When determining how advanced a society is, we often think of things like technology and architecture.  Perhaps we should also measure cultures’ advancement by how we treat the least fortunate and most helpless among us.

Having encountered and even adopted several stray and abandoned pets over the years, I think it is reasonable to say that these are often among the saddest and most helpless of creatures.  But, given so much as half a chance, many of them thrive.

Like this one…

When this stray hound wandered through the yard late one New Year’s night, he was so thin it was heartbreaking.  I immediately gave him food, and realized not only was he nearly starved, he was also blind.  My own dog did not get along with other dogs, so I couldn’t keep the stray; fortunately, an aunt with a soft spot for animals adopted the blind hound, naming him “Magoo”. 

He was so weak, it was days before he made a sound, and we weren’t sure he would survive.  But within a few weeks, he was gaining weight, howling at visitors, and finding his way around the house and yard.  He even managed to swipe a loaf of bread off the kitchen counter once. 

By the time he passed away about a year ago, he was fat and happy, having lived his remaining few years in a home where he was loved.

Not all such stories have a happy ending.  Fortunately, there are groups and individuals working to change that. 

For the month of June, 10% of my eBay auctions will be donated to the Chesapeake Humane Society.  The Chesapeake Humane Society “works to promote the welfare of companion animals in the community through programs and strategies aimed at improving responsible pet ownership and reducing the pet population.”

And, they do everything they can to find good homes for stray and abandoned pets.  So buy cool stuff and support a worthy cause (or visit their site and adopt a pet!).

3-Lot Framed Four Leaf Clovers

3-Lot Framed Four Leaf Clovers

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