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Here’s a glimpse of the latest original abstract art painting, titled Severing Entanglements. (I might offer deeper explanation later; I might not. I think this one mostly speaks for itself.)  This one hasn’t been added to yet, but it will be soon!!

Severing Entanglements, Signed Original Abstract Art Painting by S.Lynnette

Severing Entanglements, Signed Original Abstract Art Painting by S.Lynnette

Visitors may have noticed that some sections of the soulbearing zazzle store have been reorganized.  The biggest change is the section titled “Symmetrical Designs“, in the “Abstract Art” category.  Items are now organized by color group, rather than title. 

Many descriptions and tags have also been updated throughout the store, in order to make shopping easier. 

Some sections are still works in progress, but those will be updated soon too.

There are over 3,000 products bearing prints of my art and photography, and dozens of new items have been added over the past few weeks, so have a look!!

It was a lovely surprise to have one of my new posters picked as one of “Today’s Best” (or yesterday’s, if you are in a part of the world where it is already March 21) on
Flowers are one of my favorite photography subjects because of the colors, shapes, and sculptural qualities.
With the ease of digital photography, one of the biggest challenges in floral photography today is creating an image that is unusual.  Most types of flowers have been painted, sketched, or photographed from every possible angle in all sorts of settings. 
In this image, the perspective, lighting, and focus create a sense of motion, which is unusual in a floral still life.  The lily seems to burst open, pouring light, creating a glowing splash against the dark background.  Normally, the glowing “hot spots” of bright white would be a technical no-no in photography, as would the slight blur at the edges of some petals.  But, here, the rules have been bent effectively, giving more “life” to this floral still life.
Of my lily photos, this is one of my favorites, and I am glad it is a favorite of too.  If you’d like to see all of my images offered on, visit the soulbearing store on zazzle.
There are also more new posters, for under $25!  Including some very cool abstract prints, like these:
coming soon: more original art for sale

The new shopping cart has been added to the art for sale pages!!  Purchase items with secure checkout using credit card or PayPal.  Patrons now have the option to use the “Buy It Now” button to purchase just one item, or the “Add to Cart” button to purchase multiple items. 

An error caused an issue with some of the text on the contact page; it has been resolved and the page is functioning properly again.

Due to recurring issues with the embedded blog at, the original blog will most likely be deleted soon.  Some of the more popular posts have been re-posted here, and this blog will eventually (hopefully) be integrated with the soulbearing site.  For now, the newest entries will be listed on the artist’s blog page using a feed, and the original blog will still be viewable (temporarily).

New art has been added, too!!

Silver Beach by S.Lynnette

Silver Beach by S.Lynnette, Acrylic Painting on Linen Canvas

Private Plane by S.Lynnette

Private Plane by S.Lynnette, Acrylic Abstract Painting on Linen Canvas

coming soon: more new art!!

Among my designs currently offered, there is a section titled “Kaleidoscopes“.

I first made this type of image as an assignment in a beginners photography class years ago.  I still like making them from time to time because the resulting images are almost always a surprise.  It begins with an image like this one, for example:

One Cold Morning Mousepad

One Cold Morning Mousepad

In this case, the upper right corner was chosen since it contained so many interesting lines.  Then apply (as necessary) some creative cropping, color enhancement, duplicating, and flipping.  The end result looks very different from the original image:

Sunrise Creation Mousepad

Sunrise Creation Mousepad

And, multiple images can be obtained from the same original image.  Tree branches often are excellent subjects for this technique.  I chose this photo because of the interesting lines and contrast:

Trees in the Snow Mousepad

Trees in the Snow Mousepad

By duplicating it 3 times, then flipping the original and duplicates multiple ways, I obtained multiple images:

Winter Lace Mousepad

Winter Lace Mousepad

Frozen Symmetry Mousepad

Frozen Symmetry Mousepad

 Winter Symmetry Mousepad

Winter Symmetry Mousepad

They all look fabulous on the coffee mugs and other merchandise too, by the way:

Winter Lace Coffee Mug

Winter Lace Coffee Mug 

All of these images were created with minimal manipulation of the original image.  With the various effects and filters in most image editing software, the final images can be manipulated farther and farther away from the original.  However, the point for me (at least this time) is not to entirely get away from the original object, but to reveal this sort of other aspect of it. 

If you like my work, these and more images are available on all sorts of merchandise here.  (You can even add your own designs and images.) 

Coming soon: An art sale and more original paintings for sale!!

(Originally posted by S.Lynnette on, January 20, 2011 at 06:43 AM EST)

I enjoy photographing floral still lifes, rural scenery, and so on; I’m sure it shows in the quantity of these types of images in my collection.  I also enjoy painting and illustration, particularly abstracts.  This combination of interests eventually led to the question:  Can a photograph do what a painting does? (If you’re not an artsy type and don’t get it, read on anyway.  No, I’m not really going to explain, but there are important insights and links to buy stuff so I can keep painting.)

Digital photography and image editing software have made it incredibly easy for artists and amateurs alike to create attractive pictures; as evidence of this, there are literally billions of nice looking images on the internet. 

But, as an artist who prefers painting abstracts, making pretty photos can sometimes become mundane.  My solution for this has been to seek unusual angles, unusual subjects, macros, and other techniques which result in images that appear more abstract.

It started a few years ago with a photographic tribute to Jackson Pollock’s artwork.  Viewers stared curiously at the tangles of light and dark, wondering what was the inspiration for choosing to photograph these particular things, then grinned at the moment of realization that it wasn’t really about the things (It rarely really is.).

This led to more images done in tribute to other abstract painters, like images inspired by Rothko’s glowing squares:

Minimalist Skylight by S.Lynnette

Minimalist Skylight by S.Lynnette (This image is available on a variety of products.)

Heavenly Light in the Loft by S.Lynnette

Heavenly Light in the Loft by S.Lynnette  (This image is available on a variety of products.)

Or, more recently, more images reminiscent of the abstract expressionists like Pollock:

Trees in the Snow

Trees in the Snow by S.Lynnette  (This one is available in large prints on canvas! and a variety of other products.)

Of course, I haven’t given up the floral and rural photography.  I do still like pretty pictures:

2011 Floral Calendar

2011 Floral Calendar by S.Lynnette (Nature and Rural Calendars and other products are also available.)

And some images are even available on jewelry now:

Owl Necklace by S.Lynnette

Owl Necklace by S.Lynnette

So if you see the abstract art and photography, and think to yourself “What on earth is that?”, don’t panic.  I still haven’t completely given up making pretty pictures.  If you’d like to see more, you can shop for merchandise printed with my images, or better yet, shop for original art.

(Originally posted by S.Lynnette on, December 29, 2010 at 06:00 PM EST)

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