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It still says “SALE” on the web page because I haven’t updated it yet, but I recently obtained a low enough price on the newest frame style to keep the sales price permanently.  Isn’t that fabulous??

The framed four leaf clovers offered are found growing wild, and are not cultivated or genetically modified or dyed or otherwise artificially tampered with.   I find them, I pick them, I press them, I frame them, I ship them.  No weird chemicals, dyes, preservatives, fertilizers, pesticides, etc.  They are as close to the natural state as a dried plant can be, and artfully framed.

Excellent gift items for housewarming, wedding, job, school, graduation, and pretty much anything for which someone might want a little more luck!




  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    These are pretty clever. I’ve never been able to find a four leaf clover!!

    • Thanks very much! I sometimes find dozens at a time– and as an added bonus, I get to tell people that I survive on luck and creativity! When I originally started finding them a few years ago, I was going through a horrifically difficult time. Things were bleak. Then I found not just one, but several dozen four and five leaf clovers, all growing in the same area. At first, it felt like just another happy oddity, but now each one I find feels more like a divine promise that it’s all going to be ok, whatever “it” is. I am glad to share them with so many people, and I like to think each clover carries blessings wherever it goes.

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