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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Considering my gift for finding four leaf clovers, it’s no surprise I often end up in conversations about luck.  It is also no surprise that the topic is often raised after someone has had a string of what might be considered bad luck.  But is it really bad luck?

I recall a fable someone told me several years ago (there are other variations of the story, but the basic theme and most details are the same):

One day, a farmer’s horse ran away.
“What bad luck!”, the farmer’s neighbors said.
“How do you know it is bad luck?”, the farmer asked.

The horse later returned with several wild horses.
“What good luck!”, the farmer’s neighbors said.
“How do you know it is good luck?”, the farmer asked.

Then, while taming one of the wild horses, the farmer’s son fell and broke his leg.
“What bad luck!”, the farmer’s neighbors said.
“How do you know it is bad luck?”, the farmer asked.

Soon after, there was a war, and all able-bodied young men were required to fight; the farmer’s son with his broken leg was exempt.  Only 1 in 10 men returned home.

Luck is not determined by how pleasant or unpleasant an experience is, or by the short-term outcome.  What is unpleasant today just might be the best route toward a better tomorrow.(A more current real-life example: Steve Jobs was less than thrilled when he was first fired from his own company, but later said it was one of the best things that ever happened to him.)

So, when you are going through a string of what seems to be bad luck (it happens to the best of us), be patient; it might not be as bad as it seems.

But I’m still glad to have plenty of four leaf clovers around– just in case.

Framed Clovers

6-Lot Framed 4 Leaf Clovers, $54

For the past couple of months, prices in the soulbearing zazzle shop have been reduced as a way of saying thank you to visitors and patrons. Order prints of fine art paintings, illustrations, and photography on posters, totes, tshirts, postcards, and more.

The reduced prices will be in effect until 7/20, so now is a great time to get the soulbearing merchandise on your wishlist!!

coming soon: new paintings!!

Recently, some changes were made to shipping fees on the 4 leaf clover merchandise offered at

Real 4 Leaf Clover Key Chain

Real 4 Leaf Clover Key Chain, $15

It took some time to update the shipping calculator and web pages, but they should be working properly again. (Yay!!) 

The new shipping rates are as follows:

Domestic Economy Shipping: $5.50 (1-2 weeks)
Domestic Priority Shipping: $8.95 (2-3 days)
Priority Shipping to Canada or Mexico: $15 (7-10 days)
Priority Shipping Worldwide: $20 (1-2 weeks)

These are flat rates, so order as many items as you like for the same postage price.  Transit time does not include handling time.

And, for original art purchases, the shipping fee is waived!!  (Delivery time for paintings is about 2 weeks for domestic orders, and just a little longer for international orders.)

Ocean View, Original Acrylic Fine Art Painting by S.Lynnette

Ocean View, Original Acrylic Fine Art Abstract Painting by S.Lynnette, $1675

For the month of July, a percentage of my ebay auctions will be donated to Teens With a Purpose.

TWP’s mission is “to provide young people with a platform to empower their peers to use their voices, their energy, and their abilities to demonstrate the power to effect personal change, improve the lives of others, and foster a more knowledgeable community that is more invested in both themselves and each other using the arts and through peer-led programs and events. Emphasize education on and prevention of the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Provide a nonjudgmental, safe, environment for self expression for all young people.”


For more information about TWP, or to make a direct contribution to TWP, visit their website.


Real 4 Leaf Clover Pendant with Necklace and Gift Box

Real 4 Leaf Clover Pendant with Necklace and Gift Box

Order from or my ebay auctions by Saturday 7/7 to get your real four leaf clover good luck charm by next Friday!!

Framed Real 4 Leaf Clovers

Framed Real 4 Leaf Clovers

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