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For a few years, I have been using the “Giving Works” program on eBay to contribute a percentage of auction proceeds to local nonprofit groups.  I don’t typically publicize it well enough, though.  I’m sort of bashful that way.  But then, people who would support a cause may not always hear about it. 

So, from now on, I will try to announce changes in advance.

Chesapeake Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad has been this month’s chosen recipient.  This month’s total donation hasn’t been tallied yet, but so far it is up to about $15, which is $15 more than at the start.  There is one more week left of March, then a new local group will be selected.  Meanwhile, there is still time to support the volunteer rescue squad, feed an artist, and get great stuff

If you already have enough stuff, remember, you don’t have to purchase anything to make a direct donation to the volunteer rescue squad!  Just click the “Donate Now” tab from the above link.  Or, if you sell on eBay, consider donating that way.

(You could also give large piles of money to the artist just because I’m so darned nice, but there is currently no tax deduction for that.)


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