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Some may have noticed that I am not so active on Twitter lately, and most of the recent posts under the @soulbearing id are the links to new blog posts.

This is because the “new improved” Twitter gives my poor old computer fits; it will work for a very short moment, then everything freezes. I haven’t been able to so much as look at my list of followers in several weeks. Hopefully, this will eventually be resolved, but it will probably be a while.

For now, it is set up to automatically post the links to new blog entries.

So, if you’re following, or you tweeted, and didn’t get a response, please accept my humble apologies.

Thanks for being patient, and thanks for following. :-)

When I started my first blog several years ago, it was mostly a way to post news and updates for clients.  I was surprised to find people actually reading it and even posting responses.  However, when that particular blog site closed, I didn’t start a new blog right away.  After all, I’m a painter, not a writer.  Plus, I was busy with other things– and I might be a hermit.

So when someone suggested using social networking sites to help patrons find my artwork, I thought, ‘Social?!’.  I am typically very private and often go out of my way to be left alone, so the idea of creating more ways for people to find me wasn’t very appealing at first.  There are already so many things in daily life that require sacrificing privacy, and it is rare enough to be alone with one’s own thoughts. It isn’t a dislike of people; it is an appreciation for silence, solitude, and privacy.

Originally, I blamed my aversion to social networking and technology in general on the Mennonite upbringing.  Then I found many Mennonites on Facebook, including a number of Mennonite grannies with hundreds of contacts.  It totally blew that excuse out of the water.

Then a friend persuaded me to try Twitter, mostly to post news and updates for clients and potential clients.  When I registered, the first search I did was for “art”.  The first name to come up and one of the first people I “followed” was Yoko Ono.  I was tickled when later she not only followed me back, but also sent a message.  I think it’s great that she actually does this for most of her followers on Twitter.

But, as many of my followers have probably noticed, I’m not nearly as good at this social networking thing.  Although I usually add followers to one or more of my lists, I don’t always follow back and I’m not sure I’ve ever sent a “direct message” to anyone.  I don’t always read direct messages on Twitter either; they’re usually advertisements. 

However, I do frequently look at the posts of followers, even replying and retweeting sometimes.  I also look at and reply to most tweets addressed to @soulbearing.  It’s a start, at least.

Maybe one day, I will master the art of social networking.  Meanwhile, I’m glad to have understanding followers who find my tweets and blogs meaningful and/or useful enough to overlook this fault.  And, if you’d like to contact me directly or view my artwork, visit


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